Build Your Own Smoothie Printable + Recipes

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    • You can pick and choose as many as you want. We like to choose 1-3 fruits and then one from each of the other categories, but it a;; depends on what you like.

        • It’s really up to you. You can mix and match whatever sounds best to you. Usually 1 – 2 cups of fruit total. If I’m adding greens, like spinach or kale, I usually throw in a large handful. The liquid depends on if you’re using fresh or frozen fruit (frozen fruit will take more liquid but you won’t need to add ice). The optional add-ins are all to taste so as much or little as you prefer.

  1. Hi Trish!
    This chart is so helpful, do you mind if I print it out to give to people who are attending a culinary demo?
    Will credit it back to you of course, 🙂

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