Power Your Lunchbox Classroom Promise

Looks like you are ready to set your school or classroom up for a healthy New Year by making the Power Your Lunchbox Promise! (Bonus for promising: You will be automatically entered to win a Makerspace Cart for your school or classroom from Spectrum Industries).

For every promise, we are giving $1 to Feeding America’s programs that support families and children.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Make the promise by entering the number of students and teachers you are promising on behalf of below.

Step 2: Use the materials we send to your email to let everyone know (through social media and e-newsletters) how awesome your school is for making the promise.

Step 3: Download one or all of the resources below to get your school/classroom started on the promise. Grab nutrition-focused lesson plans, promise certificates for students and take-home materials for families below.

Step 4: Keep being awesome.

The Power Your Lunchbox Classroom Promise was created to encourage classrooms and schools to eat more nutritious and delicious lunches. For every promise made through this website, $1 is donated to Feeding America to help families in need.

Can you believe during 2017, over 48,000 families and classrooms made the promise to eat a healthier lunch? This brings our grand Power Your Lunchbox Promise meal donation total to 880,000 for families in need through Feeding America!

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*$1 helps provide 10 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. Power Your Lunchbox will donate $1 for every pledge taken (Jan. 8 - Feb. 18) up to $15,000.


Classroom Pledge Checklist
Student Pledge Certificate
Lesson Plan:
Grades 2-5
Lesson Plan: Pre K - 1
Produce Science Experiments
Freaky Fruits Wordsearch
Fun Produce Facts
Chirp Mad Libs - Don't Forget the ___!
Chirp Mad Libs - Hungry Time
Chirp Mad Libs - Snow Time
Healthy Food to Fuel the Year
Food Groups Word Sort
Earth Day Activities
Eric Carle
Activity Sheets
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activites
Hand Print Activities
Eric Carle Thanksgiving Cards
Eric Carle Valentine's Day Cards
Eric Carle Brown Bear Story Activity