Roasted Tomatoes 3 Ways with Village Farms

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  1. […] These past few weeks I’m all about roasting. It started a few weeks ago when I roasted eggplant and zuchinni (with a touch of olive oil, rosemary and salt) to create a more refined vegan pizza (as compared to the tomato sauce and cheese version the kiddos prefer!) The other night I roasted pineapple (with rosemary) for the first time. The roasting elevates the fruit’s natural sweetness making it the perfect ingredient for a sweet and sour stir fry sauce (more to come later!) The easiest and most versatile fruit to try roasting is the tomato. Recently I’ve started roasting a medley of tomato varieties – notably the juicy, sweet varieties such as cherry, cabernet and mini san Marzano – and using them to prep everything from spaghetti sauce to chili. Add in a head of garlic and some fresh herbs to the mix and you’ve got a delicious sauce that’s incredibly versatile. Here’s a few recipe ideas for roasted tomatoes: […]

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