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Julie Harrington

Merchandising Tips with Julie Harrington, RD

Julie Harrington, RD, is a registered dietitian, chef, and author. She blogs at, committed to helping people gain confidence in the kitchen to create nourishing meals. She is the author of The Healing Soup Cookbook, hearty recipes to boost immunity and restore health. She also loves teaching kids culinary classes to encourage healthy eating habits at a young age. 

As a former retail dietitian, Julie will be sharing merchandising tips and more each month to help you encourage healthier habits in your shoppers!

Help Customers Get Ready for Thanksgiving

The majority of your customers will be celebrating Thanksgiving, whether they are cooking and hosting themselves, or joining a gathering and bringing a dish. Did you know? Americans will eat an estimated 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.

Fun Fact

Turkey wasn’t on the menu at the first Thanksgiving. Venison, duck, goose, oysters, lobster, eel, and fish were likely served, alongside pumpkins and cranberries (but no pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce!).

Celebrate Thanksgiving with different events

  • Thanksgiving-themed cooking classes & demos: Opt for “everything but the turkey” recipe demos featuring produce!
    Most customers will be looking for new side dish ideas. Try recipes like:
  • Host a nutrition education class in the store or in the community
    • It’s the beginning of the holiday season and customers will be seeking advice for staying on track with healthy habits during the holidays. 
    • Listen to Produce for Kids podcast of “Balancing the Holiday Sugar Rush”
  • Kids events
    • Guess this squash contest: Set up a table and number the squash. Have a worksheet for kids to guess the names of each squash with a box to collect the entries. At the end of the month, pick a winner and share a prize!
    • Create fun food-themed recipes
    • While parents are shopping, set up a Thanksgiving craft corner with healthy snacks

Celebrate with the Employees

  • Host a Friendsgiving with the employees. Arrange a potluck dinner where everyone signs up to bring something to share in the breakroom to enjoy together.
  • Share recipes with employees to spark some new recipe ideas to bring to their own Thanksgiving too!

What’s In Season

Remind customers what fresh produce items are in season when so when they head to the grocery store they can not only save you money but also they will be enjoying fruits and veggies at their peak!

Squash their confusion about squash!

  • Having a hard time cutting a large spaghetti squash in half?
    • Start by making several large slits through the skin with the tip of a sharp knife. This helps the air release as your squash heats up (so your squash doesn’t explode when you microwave it!). Next, microwave the squash on high for approximately 3-5 minutes (in 30-second intervals) to soften the skin, which makes it easier to cut.
  • Too much prep work to peel and dice squash?
    • Showcase the freshly cut squash in the produce section or highlight the frozen aisle.
  • Share this guide to squash with customers or hang it in the produce aisle

Cross-merchandising ideas:

  • Make a display of different varieties of squash with the guide near to explain the variety of squashes.
  • Set up a Thanksgiving “survival guide” end cap, including aluminum foil pans, digital thermometers, decorations, or any of these must-have Thanksgiving products.
  • Add digital thermometers next to the frozen turkeys.

Looking for healthy, family-friendly recipes to share with shoppers? Our recipes are approved by a registered dietitian, taking the guesswork out of planning healthy and delicious meals!

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