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Episode 35: Helping Kids Make Good Choices

In this episode of the Healthy Family Project, we talk to Marc Mero, Former WWE Wrestling Champion and Author of “How to be the Happiest Person on the Planet.” Marc shares ways parents can stay involved in their kids lives, how to navigate social media usage, and how to help kids dealing with bullying. 

What’s in Season for September?

Happy September! Fall will be making an official appearance this month, along with football season, cooler weather and back-to-school routines. Plus, a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies are in season at a grocery store new you!

40 Grab-and-Go Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Let’s face it – mornings are no picnic. That’s why I love grab-and-go breakfasts. The kids can eat them in the car on the way to school, saving me precious time in the morning. Whether whipping up a smoothie or having a batch of healthy muffins on hand, these grab and go breakast ideas will be a life-saver!

50+ Easy Dinners Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

As parents, putting a healthy, home-cooked meal on the table some weeknights seems like an impossible task. If you’re looking for healthy, family-friendly dinner ideas that are ready in 30 minutes or less – here are 50+ for you to enjoy!

20 Lunchbox-Packing Tips & Hacks from Parents

Back to school. Those words can evoke both anxiety and excitement in the hearts of parents. Anxiety as we shuffle off to the store to buy all those school supplies and the dreaded adjustment back to the days of stricter schedules, dinnertime stress and homework. But we have a sigh of relief at trying to figure out camp schedules, fridges and pantries stocked with snacks, and exclamations of, “I’m bored!”

Episode 34: Lunchbox Packing Mistakes to Avoid

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Sally Kuzemchak, the new official registered dietitians of Produce for Kids and voice behind, all about avoiding those lunchbox-packing mistakes. Sally shares tips on repurposing leftovers, how to keep items fresh, introducing new foods and packing a balanced lunch.

Watermelon Rind BBQ Sauce

Don’t toss those watermelon rinds! Did you know there are lots of uses for all parts of a watermelon, including the rind? Just peel and toss in the Instant Pot (Amazon link) along with the other ingredients to make this delicious and tangy Watermelon Rind BBQ Sauce.   Recipe sponsored by the National Watermelon Promotional Board.

10 Back-to-School Meal Planning Tips

Back to school means back to busy schedules and routines. But, it’s also a great time of year to get organized with family meal planning to save yourself time and money. When you think about what you’re going to make for dinner, pack in lunchboxes and prep for snacks, you’re more likely to make healthier choices for your family.