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Fun St. Patrick’s Recipes Treats for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17! We all know this holiday is loaded up with lots of green and the dream of finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We are excited to share some new St. Patrick’s Day-themed creations straight from the Produce for Kids test kitchen.

Episode 47: New Nutrition Label 101

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to our official registered dietitian, Sally Kuzemchak, about the new nutrition facts panel and what changes to be aware of. The new label was designed to reflect more current knowledge about nutrition. Sally breaks down changes to serving sizes, added sugars, and daily values to help shoppers make more informed decisions when picking up new items. 

25 Healthy Seafood Recipes

The season of Lent is upon us. During this time of year, many families will be looking for more vegetarian or seafood recipes to fill their menus. Whether you observe lent or are just looking for some healthy meals, this list of 25 healthy seafood recipes will help inspire your menu.

The Food Label Gets a Makeover: 7 Changes to Know

Some people say that food labels don’t matter as long as you’re choosing healthy foods. But I disagree–food labels reveal a lot. That “healthy” chia muffin might contain a day’s worth of added sugar, and that hearty-looking “cracked wheat” bread could have zero fiber. You won’t know unless you look at the label.

Episode 46: Keeping Kids Safe Online

In this episode of the Healthy Family Project, we talk to Theresa Desuyo, mom of three and Digital Family Expert at Qustodio, the leader in digital safety and wellbeing for kids and families. Theresa shares ways that parents can help their kids navigate the internet, keep them safe from harmful content, manage screen time, and how Qustodio can help.

How to Make Frozen Yogurt Bites

This after-school snack idea uses a pantry staple, Greek yogurt. Everyone loves frozen yogurt, why not turn regular yogurt into a frozen yogurt treat served in fun shapes along with some unexpected add-ins? The perfect snack that satisfies the sweet tooth.

20 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

February is a month filled with love – heart-shaped candy, chocolates, and of course, Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday definitely known for its sweet treats! February is also American Heart Month, giving families a great opportunity to make sweet treats good for you.

Episode 45: Conquering Family Mealtime Struggles

In this episode of the Healthy Family Project, we talk to Liz Weiss, cookbook author, blogger, dietitian, and host of the Liz’s Healthy Table podcast. Liz shared solutions for common mealtime struggles including strategies for picky eaters, meal planning hacks, food waste tips, and more.

20 Game Day Guacamole Recipes

Are you pumped for the Big Game? It’s not a football party without the guacamole! When it comes to typical tailgating dishes, like fried buffalo wings, greasy chips and sour cream-based dips, guacamole is a healthier snack option that contributes nearly 20 vitamins and minerals!