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Episode 42: Teaching Kids About Managing Money

In this episode of the Healthy Family Project, we talk to Tim Sheehan, co-founder of Greenlight all about teaching our kids how to be financially responsible. Tim shares tips to help parents teach their kids about managing money from a young age, including the pros of allowances and how the Greenlight Card can help.

Eat, Drink & Be Berry with Wish Farms

I love the holiday season. And for the first time this year I’ll be celebrating as a mom. This holiday season we’re teaming up with our friends at Wish Farms for the eat, drink, and be berry promotion to inspire your family with merry & berry holiday recipes. These are perfect to enjoy whether you’re having a Christmas gathering or staying in with the family and looking to prepare some extra fun treats.

Healthy Snacking for Holiday Travel

The holidays are almost here and we’re excited for our upcoming travel plans. We’re excited to partner with Arctic® apples  to bring you healthy snacking tips and suggestions for the holiday season.

Episode 40: Meditation Benefits for Kids

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Marisa Imon, author and host of the Mid-day Meditation Pump Up podcast. Marisa defines meditation and shares the many benefits for adults and children, along with ways to easily fit meditation into our busy schedules. 

8 Ways to Lighten Up Your Holiday Menu + a free e-cookbook!

Between holiday parties and family get-togethers, it can sometimes be hard to keep things healthy. The holidays are known for rich dishes and decadent desserts. While we certainly don’t want to take away from classic dishes or family recipes, there are simple ways to lighten up those dishes by swapping an ingredient or adding a veggie.

How to Host Thanksgiving for the First Time

Planning your first Thanksgiving can be overwhelming! From choosing how many sides to make, timing the cooking of all your dishes, and selecting a turkey, there are so many decisions involved when hosting a holiday gathering. Last year I planned my first Thanksgiving and although it didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped, I came away with 10 tips and tricks for a stress-free gathering.

Food Rx: All About Pumpkins

While we all love our pumpkin decorations and lattes, pumpkins offer tons of nutrients that aid in immune system function, collagenbuilding, and supply plenty of vitamins. In the latest Food Rx live, Jessica shares pumpkin health benefits, uses, and a few delicious recipes.

Decoding Confusing Food Claims

Food packages are covered with so many claims that can make a simple trip to the grocery store confusing and time-consuming. So which claims are important–and which don’t mean much? Here’s what some of the most common and popular statements really mean.

Episode 39: Introducing International Foods & Raising Adventurous Eaters

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Maya Kaimal, award-winning cookbook author and founder of Maya Kaimal Foods, about how to easily add international foods to your menu and introduce them to your selective eaters. Maya shares ways to incorporate worldly flavors in a kid-friendly way while using it as a teaching opportunity to learn about different cultures.