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Spring Break Snacks & Activities

It’s hard to believe that spring break is just around the corner with all of the crazy weather we’ve had this winter. No matter what the weather is like where you live or what your plans are, I have great snack ideas and fun activities for your spring break.

Mexican-Style Pasta Soup for Kids

Pasta soups are a classic dish and a tradition at the Mexican family table. My mom used to make this Mexican-style pasta soup with vegetables for us, and would normally use pasta shapes like stars and letters. Inspired by those childhood favorites from my mother’s table, I decided to prepare this Mexican-style pasta soup for kids but that will also be enjoyed by those that are kids at heart. 

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Treats for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! We all know this holiday is loaded up with lots of green and the dream of finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We are excited to share some new St. Patrick’s Day-themed creations straight from the Produce for Kids test kitchen. 

Meet Our Director of Marketing: Amanda Keefer

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the 5th graders at Eagle Creek Elementary about how to fuel their bodies for success. I was also honored to be featured in my community magazine – Nona Vibe. As the Director of Marketing at Produce for Kids, I love sharing my passion for healthy eating and giving back with those around me.

Thank Your Local Grower – Michigan Apples are a Healthy Choice!

Today’s guest blog post comes from Diane Smith, Executive Director of the Michigan Apple Committee. March is National Nutrition Month, so we at the Michigan Apple Committee are thinking about all the great nutritional benefits of apples. Apples are an important part of a healthy diet. They are low in sodium and calories and loaded with flavonoids, antioxidants and fiber – truly a smart choice for everybody! 

Braised Chicken Thighs with Winter Vegetables

Home cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. After a long day of work, sometimes it’s tough to make your way to the kitchen to cook dinner, but with a little meal planning and some simple recipes, it definitely can be done! My favorite recipes tend to be those made in the slow cooker, sheet pan suppers, and one-pot meals. Easy to prep and easy to clean up, which is just my style.

Modeling a Healthy Body Image for Your Kids

Everywhere we turn people are talking about bodies: Strong bodies, sick bodies, short bodies, pregnant bodies. And whether we like it or not, our kids are hearing and seeing all this talk about bodies – and what’s good, bad; attractive, ugly. It’s important for us, as parents, to add our voices to the mix, and not let the media have the only voice shaping how our children view their bodies. And as many of us adults struggle with body image ourselves, any strategies we utilize in teaching our children to have a positive body image just might help our own cause as well.

Registered Dietitian-Approved Heart-Healthy Eating Tips for Your Family

Throughout the month of February, Americans are urged to join the battle against heart disease.  A healthy diet and lifestyle are factors that you can modify to help decrease your risk of disease and increased quality of life. Choosing to follow heart-healthy guidelines doesn’t mean having to eat bland and boring foods. All foods can be incorporated into your meal plan if the quantity and frequency are in moderation. It’s also important to talk your doctor and a registered dietitian about reducing cholesterol and fat (especially saturated fat) and finding out which portion sizes work best for you to maintain a healthy weight.  

7 Ways to Eat Apples Every Day (that aren’t dessert!)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! One medium apple delivers a powerful punch including one-fifth of your daily intake of dietary fiber and no fat, sodium or cholesterol. Apples also contain a prebiotic called pectin, which provides food for the good bacteria found in your digestive system.