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Inspiring Young Chefs through the #MacKidCooks Cooking Competition

Produce for Kids recently had the pleasure to sponsor the #MacKidCooks Cooking Competition put on by Macaroni Kid. The competition called for kids chef to create a new recipe and enter for a chance to compete with other kids to be named the MKCC Champion. For us, it was a natural fit to partner with Macaroni Kid and our parent company, Shuman Produce, to inspire a future generation of young chefs with to get in the kitchen and create healthy recipes.

Apple & Dried Cherry Coleslaw

Spring is in full effect with summer fast-approaching, which means it’s time to dust off the patio furniture and fire up the grill. I’ve actually had my grill out for a few weeks now and take every chance I get to grill our dinner. Burgers, steak, chicken, even veggies, I love grilling season! Less time in the kitchen, less mess to clean up, and more time with family and friends. Isn’t that what spring and summer is all about?

Where to Start When Work & Activities Get in the Way of Dinner

Eating dinner together as a family is a top priority in my family. Except when I have to work late. Or have a meeting. Or when my kids have soccer practice. Or a band concert. Or a study group. Or a softball game. Or…Well, you get what I’m saying. It’s one thing to WANT to spend time as a family, and quite another thing to actually DO IT. Good intentions and good food can only get us so far when it comes to shared meal times. So what’s a family to do when sports, work, volunteer commitments and music lessons get in the way of family dinner?

Taste the Breeze, a new apple variety from Sage Fruit

We’re happy to welcome Kaci Komstadius of Sage Fruit Company for today’s guest blog post.  Sage Fruit Company is a sales and marketing firm located in Yakima, Washington. It’s owned by three apple/pear packing companies who joined together to deliver high quality fruit to consumers.

You’ve heard the saying, “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” well get ready for it, the Breeze is coming! Breeze apples that is! This variety will be hitting supermarket shelves beginning in May, and will continue through the summer.   

A Day on the Shuman Produce Farm

Last week, the Produce for Kids team had the privilege of visiting the Shuman Produce farms for the start of Vidalia® onion season. We got to visit the offices, tour the packing facilities and take a stroll through some of the farms. Did you know that Produce for Kids was founded by John Shuman, president of Shuman Produce? Back in 2002, he had a vision to bring the produce industry together to help support children’s charities.

8 Simple English Muffin Ideas for Mother’s Day Breakfast

My girls jump at any chance they have to show off their budding culinary skills. When Mother’s Day rolls around, it is their morning to shine in an attempt to create the ultimate breakfast-in-bed for mom. I remind them often that great taste doesn’t always equate to elaborate preparation and this round-up of easy, no-cook English muffin combos proves just that. 

Mother’s Day Tropical Smoothie

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and there is nothing better than to bring her breakfast in bed and offer her a wholesome tropical smoothie made with pineapple, papaya, mango and clementine juice from Florida.

Mental Illness, Appetite and Staying Healthy

Mental health disorders are exceedingly common. According to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), 43.8 million adults in the U.S. will experience mental illness in a given year. That’s 1 in 5 adults. Every year. And 20% of youth (ages 13-18) have a mental health condition. In short, mental illness affects all of us: whether it’s personally, as a parent, child, friend, co-worker or neighbor.  

Fiesta Favorites for Summertime Celebrations

Today’s guest blog posts comes from our friends at Avocados from Mexico. Including fresh avocados in your Cinco de Mayo celebration is a delicious way to kick off summer celebrations. Whether you’re attending a Memorial Day parade or anticipating fireworks on Independence Day, firing up the grill is a great way to keep the kitchen cool and enjoy the summer. 

Where to Start When You’ve Never Eaten Dinner Together

Eating together is one of the most powerful things you can do as a family. But what if you’ve never gotten into the habit of eating together and don’t know how to start? What if you’re the only one in the house interested in making this change? What if life just feels too hectic to make a commitment like that? Here are a few tips about how to start!