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24 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

The fall season officially starts in a few days and I am too excited for spooky movies, seasonal candles, Halloween decor, and pumpkin-flavored everything! This is my favorite time of the year and I love to take advantage by adding as many fall-inspired dishes to my recipe rotation as possible.

25+ Nut Free Lunchbox Ideas

With peanut and nut allergies on the rise in recent years, many schools have issued a ban on nuts and nut butters in lunchbox and classroom snacks. While some ban only peanut butter, I’ve heard from an increasing number of people that anything resembling peanut has also been banned, including sun or soy butter. If your school has gone nut free or you have a child with a nut allergy, here are 25 of our favorite nut-free lunchbox ideas for back to school.

Episode 9: Quick & Easy Dinner Hacks

In this episode of the Healthy Family Project, we sat down with our friend and longtime Produce for Kids blog contributor, Aggie of Aggie’s Kitchen, to swap easy dinner hacks! Aggie shared her tips for leftovers, pantry staples, kitchen gadget must-haves, and more. 

Tips for Packing School Lunches

Wondering how much food to pack in your child’s lunch? Or how to make it healthy AND something they’ll eat? Check out these tips for packing school lunches that will fill your kids up and keep them that way through the day.

Episode 8: Anxiety Around Back to School

We’re so excited to have Dr. Stephanie Smith back on the Healthy Family Project podcast! With back to school season in full swing, it’s normal for little ones to be anxious or have trouble adjusting to changes. Dr. Stephanie shares ways to ease the transition from summer break to the new school year and how to manage stress and adjust to a new teacher.

Ask the Psychologist: Managing Back to School Anxiety

We recently spoke with Dr. Stephanie on the Healthy Family Project podcast (listen to the episode here!) about the stress and anxiety that comes at the beginning of a new school year. Read on for tips from Dr. Stephanie on how to help your kids adjust to new routines, teachers and more.

14 Healthy After School Snacks Under 5 Ingredients

The kids get home from school and in inevitable happens – they’re hungry. Instead of heading for a prepackaged snack, try some of these healthy, produce-packed recipes with just 5 ingredients or less. They’re more balanced with protein, fiber and vitamins to keep even the hungriest kids satisfied until dinner.

4 Ways to Use Shredded Chicken for Easy Meals

Turn shredded chicken into four easy meals to use throughout the week with these simple ideas! The chicken breasts are cooked in a slow cooker, then shredded to be easily transformed into BBQ chicken quesadillas, chicken salad, tacos or a healthy veggie-filled salad with chicken. See how easy weeknight meal can be!

Episode 7: Lunchbox Meal Prep

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Brenda Thompson about getting ready for back to school and meal prep tips for packing healthy lunchboxes including make-ahead ideas and ways to get the kids involved.