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The Best Lunchboxes for Kids

One of the biggest questions we get this time of year is, “What is the best lunchbox for kids?” The answer is, it all depends on your kid! We’ve rounded up our favorite lunchboxes and accessories to help you navigate the many choices out there.

Rainbow Buddha Bowl for Kids

Rainbow Buddha Bowls are a great way to easily get more veggies into your family’s diet! This bright, fun, and nutrition-packed dinner is super easy to prepare, and even more fun to put together!

Episode 5: Navigating First Foods

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Katie Serbinski, the official Produce for Kids registered dietitian, about navigating first foods, ideas for finger foods, and when to get babies started on solids. 

5 Ways to Eat Healthy While Traveling

My family will be hitting the road this summer, and it can be difficult to eat healthy while traveling. Between family visits, a beach getaway, and time visiting our favorite nearby destinations, we’re planning to pack in some quality time in the car and on a plane. 

Non-Dessert Cherry Recipes for Summer

Every summer, I count down the days until cherries are in stores. As one of the few truly seasonal fresh fruits or veggies, we only get to enjoy them for a limited time, from June to August, each year. My family goes through a bag of them on a weekly basis, and we love eating them plain or blended into smoothies, baked into pies or grilled and served with yogurt

3 Easy Recipes Kids Can Make Themselves

Summer break means kids are reaching for snacks around the clock. While I always have snacks prepped for kids to grab and eat, I also love having them make their own snacks from time to time. These delicious recipes are easy enough that even young kids can make themselves and good enough that teens will want to eat them! Keep your kids busy this summer with some simple snack recipes.

Simply Summer: 20 Fresh Cookout Favorites

Summer is almost upon us! Time to dust off the grills, stock up on fresh summer produce and enjoy time outside with family and friends. Between backyard cookouts, family picnics and time spent poolside, there are plenty of opportunities to test out new healthy recipes with your family.

Episode 4: Easing Into a Plant-Based Life

In this episode of Healthy Family Project, we talk to Cory Warren of why a plant-based living works for his family and easy ways you can ease into this lifestyle. Cory hosts a regular Facebook Live cooking show on the Produce for Kids Facebook page featuring Vegan meals in 15 minutes or less.

30 Healthy Red, White & Blue Recipes

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this time of year brings with it a rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies! It’s the perfect time to add more color to your family cookouts, summer picnics and afternoon snacks. And don’t forget to get patriotic with your produce! With Memorial Day just around the corner and the Fourth of July coming soon after, keep this list of healthy red, white and blue recipes handy for your celebrations.

Summer Camp Lunch Ideas for Kids

Is it just me, or are summer mornings somehow even crazier than school day mornings? Even though it’s summer, parents often still have to pack lunches for summer camps, picnic outings or beach days. Picky palates, ingredient rules, and sweltering days make packing camp lunches harder than ever.