How to Build a Better Breakfast

September is National Breakfast Month! We have all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and although you can argue that it is not, there is still evidence that supports breakfast being an important meal that can boost your metabolism, help your children perform better in school, prevent over snacking later in the day, and stabilizes your blood sugar.

How to Pack Brown Bag Lunches for the Whole Family

Summer is coming to an end, so it is time to start thinking about packing school lunches again. As a parent, it is important to that your child’s lunch is a balanced, healthy meal to make sure that they are receiving all the necessary nutrients for proper growth. Packing healthy lunches are not just a great idea for your kids, but also for the whole family. Packing lunches can help your family live a healthier lifestyle, and it will also save you money! While the task of packing day after day can be daunting, packing a healthy school lunch doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. By following these simple tips you can make lunch a healthy and tasty break in the school day and work day for your whole family.

5 Ways to Please Picky Eaters

Feeding a child is one of the most stressful parts of parenting for me. One minute my kids all enjoy a spaghetti dinner with homemade meatballs and green salad. The next minute that same meal is launched across the dining room table. Is this behavior picky eating? I’d like to think so. I also think there comes a time when children learn food is one of the only things they can control so they test their limits with Mom and the laws of gravity like Bill Nye the Science Guy. From what I’ve researched and witnessed in my own kitchen, handling picky eaters is just another step in the parent-child relationship most if not all families experience.

5 Foods to Prep for Easy Summer Meals

Many of us go into the school year thinking it’s the busy time of year. But for some reason summer seems even busier in our house. I think it’s because we spend as much time outside (as long as there is daylight) and before I know it, it’s past 6pm and dinner isn’t ready! In an effort to make summer meals healthy and effortless, I’ve found a few short-cuts and healthy foods to prepare ahead of time, or when you have a minute or two, to make summer cooking fast and simple.

Registered Dietitian-Approved Heart-Healthy Eating Tips for Your Family

Throughout the month of February, Americans are urged to join the battle against heart disease.  A healthy diet and lifestyle are factors that you can modify to help decrease your risk of disease and increased quality of life. Choosing to follow heart-healthy guidelines doesn’t mean having to eat bland and boring foods. All foods can be incorporated into your meal plan if the quantity and frequency are in moderation. It’s also important to talk your doctor and a registered dietitian about reducing cholesterol and fat (especially saturated fat) and finding out which portion sizes work best for you to maintain a healthy weight.  

Foods to Fight Winter Colds

The arrival of colder weather often brings forth the need for tissues and trips to your family physician. You might feel extra tired, out of sorts, and frankly moving off the couch is enough exercise for the day. What we fail to remember is that food provides an effective natural boost to both mood and health. Instead of blaming our lack of time or winter’s early darkness, prep yourself with strategies to fit in healthy eating when our bodies need it the most.

Defining Diets: What Your Family Needs to Know About Popular Diets

The start of the new year marks a start to lifestyle changes for many resolution-setters. One of the most popular resolutions is to eat healthier and perhaps embark on a new diet. If you are in this boat and considering a new diet for you or your family, below is what you need to know about each of the most popular diets before you decide. 

5 Easy Snack Recipes Kids Can Make

While I loved transitioning my kids from bottles to solid foods, there’s something to be said about the transition from serving your kids food to actually getting them in the kitchen with you to cook. My toddlers might not be the best at kitchen quality-control, but they love topping, stirring, and dipping— when a recipe calls for it. Studies show that the earlier you get your kids involved in the food making process, the more likely they are to try and accept new foods, AND the greater the chance they’ll enjoy doing the dishes for you [actually that’s just wishful thinking]. So here are a few easy recipes to get your kids excited about trying new foods… at their favorite time of the day: snack time! 

5 Tips for Using Dried Herbs in Cooking

Using herbs in cooking is one of my favorite ways to kick up the flavor in a meal without adding a lot of salt and fat. But how many times have you bought fresh herbs only to watch them wilt and turn brown when you go to use them in your fridge? That’s why I love using dried herbs as an alternative to fresh, especially during winter months when fresh herbs might be on the pricier side or not as accessible in your grocery store. These 5 tips make cooking with dried herbs just as tasty as fresh!