Fruit Cornucopias

Serves: 4

Create a fun display for your Thanksgiving table with these fruit cornucopias. A great activity to keep the kids busy, set them up with cones and fruit and let them create their own. The cornucopia, or the horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance and nourishment and has become a Thanksgiving staple.

Fruit Cornucopias


  1. 4 waffle cones
  2. 1/2 apple, sliced
  3. 2 mandarin oranges, peeled, segmented
  4. 1 cup green grapes


  1. Fill cones with apples, oranges and grapes. Place on platter for serving.

Nutritional Value

Calories 94

Fat 1g

Protein 0g

Carbohydrates 23g

Fiber 2g

Sugar 14g

Sodium 21mg

Calcium 3%

Iron 5%


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