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Helping Navigate the World of

Produce for Kids is teaming up with Jessica DeLuise, PA-C, CCMS, a physician assistant and culinary medicine specialist in a new monthly series focusing on the important role food plays in overall health, plus sharing kid-friendly recipes to add more fresh produce to your family's diet.

Meet Jessica

Jessica is the founder of Eat Your Way to Wellness and is dedicated to helping individuals learn which foods are nutrient-dense and can support their overall wellness. Jessica truly believes that food, when safe, can be utilized to treat and prevent disease as a first-line therapy. Jessica is passionate about making this thought process mainstream by helping provide practical tips and guidance through online videos, group workshops, and work with private individuals.

Jessica has a Masters degree in Health Science and Physician Assistant Studies from Drexel University and is certified as a Physician Assistant Medical Provider and in Culinary Medicine from Tulane University’s Culinary Medicine Specialist Program. She has been practicing medicine in the clinical setting for more than 10 years in both inpatient, peri-surgical, and urgent care settings.