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10 Banana Recipes to Celebrate GROW Month

We’re excited to have Organics Unlimited President and CEO Mayra Velazquez de Leon with us for a Q&A on the blog today. Plus, we’re sharing 10 delicious banana recipes and more information about GROW Month. 

At GROW by Organics Unlimited, we are honored to participate in the Produce for Kids Power Your Lunchbox campaign for the second year in a row. As a socially-conscious company, we appreciate and support initiatives that promote healthy lifestyle choices for families and individuals. 

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23 Quick & Easy Sheet Pan Dinners

Who’s a fan of sheet pan dinners? This mom! What’s easier than protein + veggies + seasoning, then just throwing it all on a sheet pan and baking? During the craziness of the week, sheet pan dinners are a real lifesaver since they’re quick, easy and require little-to-no clean-up. That means I can serve a nutritious dinner and have time to spend with my family. A win-win in my book!

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40 Grab-and-Go Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Let’s face it – mornings are no picnic. Between getting kids dressed and fed (not to mention, remembering that today is Crazy Sock Day or Silly T-Shirt Day), packing lunches and making sure the kids’ backpacks are fully stocked with homework, getting out the door on time is never easy. That’s why I love grab-and-go breakfasts. The kids can eat them in the car on the way to school, saving me precious time in the morning.

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10 Reasons to Eat More Grapes + How to Freeze Grapes Video

Since we’re in the middle of peak grape season, which runs June to December, it’s only fitting that we team up with our friends at Sun World® to talk about this kid-friendly fruit! Sun World is a proud partner of our annual Power Your Lunchbox Pledge, which encourages families and classrooms to pledge to eat a healthier lunch this school year. 

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How to Make Healthy Choices in the Lunch Line

While many families pack a lunch, many students do purchase lunch at school. I'm a registered dietitian, and a mom, and understand the worry that children might not be making healthy decisions when it comes to filling their plate at school. Here are a few simple tips to encourage kids to make the right choices in the lunch line.


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Chopped Cobb Salads

During the summer I love eating salads. They're light, fresh and healthy, and easy to put together for lunch or dinner. Plus there's no need to turn on the oven! Now that my kids are older they are really enjoying salads too, so I've been playing around in the kitchen with different ingredients so I have a lot of options to offer them. Any way I can get my kids to eat more produce is a win for me!

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Fueling Kids for Back to School with Watermelon

Today’s guest blog post comes from our friends at the Watermelon Board, who represents 1,500 watermelon growers, shippers and importers nationwide. Their goal is to promote the nutritional, culinary and convenience benefits of watermelon. The start of the school year means days by the pool and summer camps will soon be replaced with breakfast struggles, homework and after-school activities. While you’re stocking up on school supplies, be sure to pick up a watermelon or two to help you prepare for the start of the school year. 

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27 Non-Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas for Back to School

Today marks the first day of school for us in Orange county, FL, and it’s my youngest’s first day of kindergarten. Don’t worry, I was a tough mom and held back the tears until she boarded the bus. Many of us parents have sent our little ones off to their first day of school this year, and the rest of us will over the next few weeks, and sighed relief at not having to come up with one more summer activity or camp to keep our kids busy. Now comes the fun part of nightly homework, busy schedules and lunch-packing duties. 

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50+ Easy Dinners Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

As parents, putting a healthy, home-cooked meal on the table some weeknights seems like an impossible task. Between soccer practice or ballet and homework, there’s little time to throw together dinner. We asked some of our blogger friends to share their healthy, family-friendly dinner ideas that are ready in 30 minutes or less – here are 50+ for you to enjoy!

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