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How to Deal with Picky Eaters

I used to think that having a child who was a picky eater was a sign of a lazy parent. Then, I had children of my own and realized I was wrong. Some kids are just born picky, like some of us are born talkative. Some kids are born with sophisticated palettes. The thing is though, everyone needs a healthy, balanced diet in order to grow up strong.

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Dealing with Lunchroom Bullies

Lunchtime at school should be a time for our kids to re-fuel and relax, but can also be a prime atmosphere for bullying. Bullies can pick on kids for many things in the lunchroom, and surprisingly that includes what is - or is not - in their lunchbox. Whether the “cool” thing at your kids’ school is carrots, cupcakes or candy corn, knowing how to respond when a classmate teases (or worse) about the contents of one’s lunch can be an important skill.

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