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Fresh Tips to Make Holiday Food Healthy

There are two things I love about the holidays: family and food. And I definitely get plenty of both. Most of us get involved in the cooking experience, and we prepare our meal in a light and healthy fashion. Yes, light and healthy, and it tastes delicious. Holiday dishes don’t have to be heavy and fattening to taste great. Not only can your families’ favorite dishes be nutritious and delicious, but they can be easy enough to make so that everyone, including your kids, will want to participate.

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Teaching Kids About Nutrition Through Apple Picking

As a mom of two boys, I’ve learned that the easiest way to interest them in something is to fully engage them in activities focused on that topic. In my house, while learning our colors, we spent an entire day submerged in all things green: wearing head-to-toe green clothes, playing with dinosaurs and eating a lunch full of green foods. When my oldest started to learn American history, we made sure that our beach trip included a tour of a WWII fort, and during the month of November we created a huge Tree of Thanks in our foyer as we remembered to be thankful.

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Weeknight Meals Made Easy

About two years ago, I noticed I was resorting to the old frozen pizza at least once a week for our weekday dinners. I was not exactly pleased with this trend, and I wanted to change the way our family was eating. I solicited advice from friends, family and coworkers for ideas to help make mealtime go more smoothly. Since then, one of my top priorities has been to make sure my family and I eat a healthy, balanced diet.

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How to Deal with Picky Eaters

I used to think that having a child who was a picky eater was a sign of a lazy parent. Then, I had children of my own and realized I was wrong. Some kids are just born picky, like some of us are born talkative. Some kids are born with sophisticated palettes. The thing is though, everyone needs a healthy, balanced diet in order to grow up strong.

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Dealing with Lunchroom Bullies

Lunchtime at school should be a time for our kids to re-fuel and relax, but can also be a prime atmosphere for bullying. Bullies can pick on kids for many things in the lunchroom, and surprisingly that includes what is - or is not - in their lunchbox. Whether the “cool” thing at your kids’ school is carrots, cupcakes or candy corn, knowing how to respond when a classmate teases (or worse) about the contents of one’s lunch can be an important skill.

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