All About Stone Fruit + Fresh Cherry Salsa Recipe

We’re happy to welcome Kaci Komstadius of Sage Fruit Company for today’s guest blog post. Sage Fruit Company is a sales and marketing firm located in Yakima, Washington. It’s owned by three apple/pear packing companies who joined together to deliver high quality fruit to consumers.

Every summer there are certain things we can look forward to: warm weather, backyard barbeques and spending time with our loved ones. Add to my list, the excitement of all of the different fruits and vegetables I can find in my produce department from June-September. Among those many offerings are a wide range of stone fruit – some of my absolute favorites!

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Angel Food Cupcakes with Blood Orange Frosting

Summer has finally arrived! Besides the beautiful weather, I also love summer because of the celebrations of the season. Summer produce is at its peak as well, and I can't wait to get back to the farmer’s market and pick up colorful fresh fruits and veggies of all kinds. This time of year I start to gravitate towards lighter meals rather than the traditional warm comfort food I've eaten all winter. That includes lightening up my desserts, too!

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30 Berrytastic Recipes for Summer

Is anyone else all about the berries during the summer months? My youngest would go into full meltdown mode if we didn’t have strawberries on hand at any given moment. While berries are perfect for snacking any time of the day, there are also so many fantastic ways to use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert!

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The Best Vegetables for the Grill This Summer

A few years ago, I picked up a grill basket at Target and, little did I know, that grill basket would open up a whole new world of options as far as veggies go for the grill. I personally love the smoky charred flavor that the grill gives all food, from meats to veggies to even pizza (if you haven’t tried grilling pizza you must!).

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30 Healthy Red, White & Blue Recipes

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this time of year brings with it a rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies! It’s the perfect time to add more color to your family cookouts, summer picnics and afternoon snacks. And don’t forget to get patriotic with your produce! With Memorial Day just around the corner and the Fourth of July coming soon after, keep this list of healthy red, white and blue recipes handy for your celebrations.

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Summer Cookout Staples: Corn on the Cob & Baked Beans

School is out and summer is here - kids everywhere are rejoicing! When warm weather hits, I take full advantage of dining outdoors, because here in Wisconsin, summer does not last long enough. Now that the grill is out and the parties are lined up, it's time to start planning menus. Not much goes better with a summer BBQ than the classics: corn on the cob and baked beans.

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5 Foods to Prep for Easy Summer Meals

Many of us go into the school year thinking it’s the busy time of year. But for some reason summer seems even busier in our house. I think it’s because we spend as much time outside (as long as there is daylight) and before I know it, it’s past 6pm and dinner isn’t ready! In an effort to make summer meals healthy and effortless, I’ve found a few short-cuts and healthy foods to prepare ahead of time, or when you have a minute or two, to make summer cooking fast and simple. 

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3 Ways to Use the Whole Watermelon

It’s watermelon season! Today’s guest blog post comes from our friends at the Watermelon Board, who represents 1,500 watermelon growers, shippers and importers nationwide. Their goal is to promote the nutritional, culinary and convenience benefits of watermelon. Nothing screams summer quite like a slice of refreshing watermelon! Watermelon is made up of 92% water, so it’s a natural and delicious choice to stay hydrated on hot summer days. And we all know about enjoying a slice of watermelon, but did you know you could also juice it for a refreshing drink AND use the rind in recipes? We teamed up with the Watermelon Board to bring you 3 delicious ways to use your whole watermelon. 

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