Picky Eaters

How LaLa Lunchbox is Inspiring Healthy Kids

If you follow Produce for Kids on Instagram, you probably saw the LaLa Lunchbox Takeover Tuesday on Jan. 17 hosted by Gillian Fein, creator of LaLa Lunchbox. We had the chance to chat with Gillian and find out what the hype was around her LaLa Lunchbox app and how it can help #poweryourlunchbox.

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How to Roast Vegetables Whole

About 10 years ago I tried roasting cauliflower for the first time. It changed my cauliflower life. I liked cauliflower before then, but that’s when I fell in love. Al dente, not mushy, and with a sweet brown caramelization in places on the outside. I thought it could never get better than that.

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16 Kid-Friendly Citrus Recipes

Visiting local citrus farms at this time of year is a perk of residing in Florida. I took my girls to the Showcase of Citrus, not really knowing what to expect as we pulled up to what looked like a weathered roadside farmer’s market. The girls were mesmerized when the staff handed us each a bag and drew on a map indicating what citrus was prime for picking.  

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Veggie Side Dishes for Picky Eaters

I am a mom of three, my oldest being 11 and my youngest just 2 years old, so I’ve been dealing with picky eaters for quite a while now. Personally, I have never considered my kids to be “picky” with food (well, I’ve never let them hear me say it!), however they have had their share of picky moments when it comes to meal time. Most moms will probably agree that there are plenty of phases that come with parenting, food battles with picky eaters is definitely one of them.

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Tips & Recipes for Getting Kids to Eat Kale

Guest blogging today, we have Chef Jennifer Iserloh at The Skinny Chef to help us celebrate National Kale Day coming up on October 7. Here, she shares her favorite tips and recipes to get kids to eat kale.

Introducing kids to super nutritious foods, like kale, can be fun when you have recipes that attract kids like nuggets, chips, tacos, and guacamole!

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4 Kid-Friendly Recipes Inspired by Eric Carle Books

Reading books with my boys is such a special time. Like many of you, there are a few books that we’ve read together so many times I can recite them from memory. Several of the Eric Carle books fall into that category including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. My youngest loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar so much that we themed his first birthday party around the book!

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4 Easy Veggies to Blend Into Any Recipe

Everyone knows how important it is for kids to eat tons of fruits & veggies and in my house fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy proteins fuel our bodies. Both my boys play multiple sports and so it is extremely important that they eat a variety of well-balanced, healthy foods. 

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5 Easy Ways To Get Your Family To Eat More Spinach

It’s no secret that spinach is one of the most popular superfoods out there. Bagged fresh spinach has become regularly available in grocery stores, and frequently on sale too. I find I can get through about 2 bags of spinach a week if I’m diligent with adding it to my family’s diet daily, and in several different ways so they don’t get bored (or catch on!).

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10 Ways to Get Kids to Try New Foods

It’s not always easy to get your kids to try new foods, but expanding your kids’ palates is important for several reasons. It’s good for them nutritionally, it makes for better manners, and people who don’t make a stink about what they eat tend to be more pleasant to be around (or at least make easier house guests!).

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