Mother’s Day

8 Simple English Muffin Ideas for Mother’s Day Breakfast

My girls jump at any chance they have to show off their budding culinary skills. When Mother’s Day rolls around, it is their morning to shine in an attempt to create the ultimate breakfast-in-bed for mom. I remind them often that great taste doesn’t always equate to elaborate preparation and this round-up of easy, no-cook English muffin combos proves just that. 

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Picked by Moms

Mother’s Day is a day I look forward to all year. I always wake to the sounds of my husband and the boys making breakfast in the kitchen (then pretend to be asleep so they can surprise me). We share a delicious breakfast, then I get to pick what we do that day. 

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Thank Mom with These Yummy, Nutritious Breakfast in Bed Ideas!

Nothing says spring like a gentle rain, buds bursting forth, flowers blooming, birds chirping with the morning’s light… and Mother’s Day! To some families, Mother’s Day means serving breakfast in bed to that extraordinary person who loves, nurtures, drives the kids to piano lessons and little league, helps them with their homework and tucks them in at night.  And that’s just for starters! Letting your kids help prepare a special breakfast for that special person can be a fun and exciting way for them to say, “Thanks, Mom!”

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