Meet Our Director of Marketing: Amanda Keefer

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the 5th graders at Eagle Creek Elementary about how to fuel their bodies for success. I was also honored to be featured in my community magazine - Nona Vibe. As the Director of Marketing at Produce for Kids, I love sharing my passion for healthy eating and giving back with those around me.

The 5th graders at Eagle Creek rock! They were excited to learn about healthy recipes, MyPlate and how to help their families get healthy. We even played Are You Smarter Than a Food Label. I left my visit feeling inspired to come back to the office and give these kids and their families more of what they need. From how to make a popsicle to questions about specific diets, there was no shortage of questions from these kiddos. Five kids won copies of our Healthy Family Classics cookbook during our Pop Quiz.

While much of what we do at Produce for Kids reaches a national audience, we do execute grocery store campaigns while giving back to local communities in those market areas. It’s important to me to give back in our local community as well. This is why the feature in Nona Vibe, in our fairly new community, means so very much to me. I’ve included the link to the full article below so you can get a sneak peek into who I am and what I do here at Produce for Kids. 

My journey with Produce for Kids started six years ago. I hope if you are just now finding out about Produce for Kids, you’ll be inspired to join me for the next six and beyond! I’m a busy parent and I know your struggles. I face the same struggles. Let’s face them together!

Click here or on the image below to read the full article in Nona Vibe (article begins on page 16).


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