Fun St. Patrick’s Day Treats for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! We all know this holiday is loaded up with lots of green and the dream of finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We are excited to share some new St. Patrick’s Day-themed creations straight from the Produce for Kids test kitchen. 

  • St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Chips & Salsa: These fun Shamrock-shaped chips and salsa is a great snack for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s simple – use a shamrock cookie cutter to cut out chips from a spinach tortilla, bake and enjoy!
  • Rainbow Fruit Tray: This Rainbow Fruit Tray will be a hit at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! Easily sub out your favorite fruit of the same color for a customizable snack. Serve alongside a yogurt fruit dip for dipping.
  • Rainbow Fruit Parfaits: Eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies helps ensure your body is getting a complete range of nutrients! These Rainbow Fruit Parfaits make a great addition to breakfast or a fun after-school snack. Kids will also have fun assembling their own, just set out the ingredients and let them layer!
  • Green Smoothie Pops: Enjoy the goodness of a green smoothie in a fun, frozen treat! Kids won't even know they're eating veggies.
  • Pot ‘O Gold Veggies & Dip: Green bell peppers make the perfect shamrock while yellow sweet peppers and hummus are ideal stand-ins for a pot of gold. Parents can slice while the kiddos put together this snack perfect for any little leprechaun.   

Be sure to check out our St. Patrick’s Day worthy recipes:

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