Flight the Flu with Florida Grapefruit

Cold and flu season is upon us. Many of us will be reaching for food rich in Vitamin C to help ward off potential colds. Did you know half of a medium grapefruit contains 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C? In addition to being an excellent source of Vitamin C, grapefruit also provides your body with essential nutrients like Vitamin A, potassium and dietary fiber. Learn more about the health benefits of grapefruit by visiting floridacitrus.org.

How to Choose Grapefruit

  • Look: A ripe grapefruit will be slightly red in color and oval in shape with a slightly flattened top and bottom.
  • Feel: Look for plump fruit with fairly smooth skin. Grapefruit should also feel heavier than it looks.
  • Squeeze: Give the grapefruit a light squeeze. The skin should give slightly to pressure, but spring back to its original shape. Avoid fruit with soft spots.

How to Store Grapefruit: Store at room temperature for up to 1 week, or place in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

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