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4 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? I love the excitement of the season, with costume parties, fall décor and trick or treating. Whether you are entertaining at home, attending events at other’s houses or visiting local festivals, you can stay healthy during all the festivities and still enjoy yourself. Usually, copious amounts of treats and food are involved, and it is easy to get side-tracked from a normal routine and overindulge.

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Build Your Own Trail Mix

Trail Mix is an easy and versatile snack - just combine your favorite nuts, seeds, grains, fun items and seasoning for a protein-packed snack that can be enjoyed at home or on-the-go. Print out a copy of this Build Your Own Trail Mix guide and mix up your own batch!

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What’s in Season for October?

Knowing what fresh produce items are in season when you head to the grocery store can not only save you money, but also means that you’ll be enjoying fruits and veggies at their peak! Read on to see what’s in season for October and get some delicious recipes to incorporate these items into mealtime.

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How to Read Nutrition Labels

Food labels can become confusing to read, especially when we are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle for our family. To make things quick & easy, here are five things you need to pay most attention too when reading a food label.

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Mushroom Adventure With To-Jo Mushrooms

Did you know that Pennsylvania leads the U.S. in mushroom production? My corner of Pennsylvania is known for being the Mushroom Capital of the World! Around here, mushrooms are bountiful, always local, and each September we celebrate with a festival devoted to mushrooms. 


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Grab-n-Go Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

I can almost guarantee when you ask a parent what time of the day is most stressful, they will answer with a unanimous “morning!” It’s quite a feat to get kids up and moving, dressed and to school on time. For many of us, we are also attempting to get ourselves out the door and to the office on time as well. Add the pressure of fitting a healthy breakfast into the mix, and it all becomes too much.

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