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Team Members

We have a dedicated team of professionals that are tops in the business. We work hard everyday to bring you the best and latest resources for your family to eat healthy and attain your goals. Please feel free to contact us to find out more or inquire about how we can serve you better!

Trish James

The Produce for Kids® vice president, Trish, is a mom of two very energetic and very hungry boys. At the end of the day, her goal is for her family to enjoy a healthy and peaceful dinner. However, being a working mom with a crazy schedule can make this balance difficult. As the resident grocery store expert and consumer loyalty guru, nothing makes her happier (or more of a loyal shopper) than walking into her favorite market to see a healthy meal solution just waiting to be added to her shopping cart. Trish develops new programs to meet the specific needs of Produce for Kids retail partners and is always planning and preparing for the future of Produce for Kids. Together with the Produce for Kids team, Trish is dedicated to helping make every parent’s life a little easier by offering them recipes, tips and real-life advice for happy and healthy family meals.

Amanda Keefer

When Amanda, Produce for Kids’ director of marketing communications, is not having tea parties, playing dress up or dancing with her two little girls, she’s racking her brain trying to stay ahead of the next big social media, marketing and public relations trends. Amanda maintains relationships with the Produce for Kids corporate partners and can sometimes be found on TV cooking up a Produce for Kids recipes with her daughter. She has her own personal blog and also works with bloggers to bring the Produce for Kids story to life. She understands the everyday pressures on parents because she feels it herself as a full-time working mom. It is her mission to address those hot button healthy living issues facing parents today through the Parents on Produce® blog and Produce for Kids social outlets.

Lesley Daniels

When Lesley, Produce for Kids director of sales and account development, is not doing laundry, stepping on Legos or enjoying the great outdoors with her two little dudes, she is working alongside the greatest dedicated growers and grocery retailers to educate shoppers and raise funds for children’s charities. As a working mom and passionate home chef, she knows the time crunch and pushback that parents face at meal time. Her passion is in providing great recipes, solutions and tips to make home life a little easier and healthier.

Amber Bloom

Amber is the digital marketing manager at Produce for Kids, overseeing all digital marketing efforts including social media, the Produce for Kids website and microsites, e-newsletters and blogger relations. She manages the creation and implementation of Produce for Kids’ recipes, and serves as editor-in-chief of the Produce for Kids blog and e-newsletters. She also serves as the primary contact for produce partners when it comes to social media and public relations. A passion for healthy cooking was instilled in her at a young age, cooking alongside her mom and sister in the kitchen. When she’s not dishing out produce-packed recipes and healthy eating tips for Produce for Kids, she enjoys testing out new recipes, riding her bike and planning dance routines with her niece.

Grace Vilches

Grace Vilches, marketing coordinator for Produce for Kids, is a mother of two, who was blessed with a son who will eat almost anything we put in front of him and a daughter who is definitely more discerning when it comes to meal time. Coming up with creative ways to get both kids to eat healthy and make it fun is an enjoyable challenge. I love cheering on my son at soccer games and having dance parties with my daughter. Weekends consist of entertaining friends and family at home and spending time with my husband, kids and our Beagle.

Katie Serbinski, MS, RD

Our official registered dietitian, Katie Serbinski, is a mom, of two boys and a girl under four,  from Detroit, Michigan. She’s the founder of Mom to Mom Nutrition, a healthy food and lifestyle blog where she share her “me time” with other health-minded parents. On her blog you’ll find simple, family-friendly recipes, tips for new moms, and realistic nutrition advice. Through Mom to Mom Nutrition, Katie shows her readers that raising a healthy family is achievable, even when you have a toddler throwing food across your kitchen table and a baby wanting to nurse around the clock.